High Velocity Child


This morning, the Globe and Mail published my article My son’s need for speed in Facts and Arguments.  It is a little tale of my coming to terms with Wolf’s passion for racing.  I was surprised, however, with my reaction to the graphic that was commissioned for my essay. It elicits a far greater amount of angst than I believe that I feel or even portrayed in the piece.  I glad to have the essay published, but couldn’t the art be less, I don’t know, tortured?  In the end, the art is very much its own interpretation of my story.  I know that this is far from the last article I will be writing about my son’s longboarding career; after all, he is only fifteen, and has many roads yet to ride.


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One response to “High Velocity Child

  1. Hey Lorrie,
    thanks for the comment on my blog! 🙂 Yes, love that west coast of the Island OH SO MUCH.

    Wow, what an adventure your kids take you on! Reading your G&M article gives me pause to consider the wiggly baby in my belly that will join me in the world soon (less than 3 months! egads!) to declare it’s own passions. Motherhood seems to be a great balancing act- your heart and the child’s heart…

    Look forward to reading more, neighbor! 🙂

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