Ranting Parent

Seems that I am not alone in my sense of humour, nor my plight. Check out Ranting Parent for more! How fun.

They have published me as a guest blogger with part one of my “Late-Onset Post Partum Depression.”  The full story is also posted here… see right side-bar, or click on the link above! I love their site… reallly cracks me up.  Check out Therapy Mom videos (begin at the bottom of the screen and work your way to the most recent posting… even my 17 year laughed.)

Remember laughter may be addictive, but it is good for you.



Filed under lorrie_miller, motherhood, parenting, satire, teens

2 responses to “Ranting Parent

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  2. Hey Lorrie! Thanks for the tip on rantingparent! I just read the flash cards on tips on how to take care of a newborn. What a funny site!

    Great story about teenagers! Sigh…I can’t wait!

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