Word on the Street

It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Library Square in downtown Vancouver.  The day couldn’t have been better for Word on the Street.  My sweater stayed unbuttoned, and I carried my son’s jacket.  When we first arrived, I bought a bookbag and we set off on  our scavenger hunt for ‘free stuff.’  My daughter repeated througout the morning, ‘Look, there’s some more free stuff.’  It didn’t seem to matter if it was a bookmark, a hardcovered illustrated childrens book, a fridge magnet, or a literary magazine, my daughter and her friend couldn’t get enough.  My little son, Finn, tuckered out about two hours into the event after he had is moment of fame on stage telling a knock-knock joke to hundreds of people for the amazing prize of a single serving of Cheerios. (No, I don’t buy them, and yes, he thought that this was a great treat.)  He told one of his favourite jokes: interrupting cow… it goes like this:


Q: who’s there?

A: interrupting cow,

Q: interrupting cow… (before who is said)

A: mooooo (timing is critical on this one)

He always laughs at this one.  He’s well rehearsed in the timing.

We found our way into the Kid’s tent to listen to a wonderful story where we listened to Angela Deery weave a terrific tale of a man named Fionn. (also sounds like Finn).  Well, it was marvelous.  It had giants, and trickery, and bravery and oat-cakes  filled with stones, all such things that a five-year-old, could want. And the main character shared his name.  Finn went up to Angela, who seemed familiar to me, and asked for clarification on the name in her story.  They spoke and then Angela said, “I know you.”

We looked all at each other.  She looked squarely at Finn.  And Finn peeked out from behind his bright red glasses.  Then she said, “I’m your neighbour across the lane.  I’m the lady with the big dog.”  We all had a little laugh, all things being out of context.  Now I know.



At another table, we were humming and hawing over some books when the woman behind the table looked up at my daughters friend, and said, ‘Mia, it’s you. How are you? For you, you can have a poster and a book if you like.”  She was also Mia’s neighbour…. small world.

I tried to see my new friend and work colleague, author Cathleen With, at the author’s stage, but it conflicted with Finn’s stage debut…  Sorry Cathleen!  Glad the microphone worked for you!

Well done everyone at Word on the Street!


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