Book Camp Vancouver

Book Camp Vancouver was a worthwhile event.  Yesterday I attended Vancouver’s Book Camp down at SFU Harbour Centre.  There were many interesting folks there with a lot to say.  I will admit that I am stirred by possibilities of new forms of writing and presenting works to a readership.  Question: What happens when characters from a novel spill over into the blogosphere? Take on identities beyond the confines of the book covers? Any thoughts out there?



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2 responses to “Book Camp Vancouver

  1. Do you mean that the character writes the blog or is featured in it? Either way it makes for a very interesting way for fiction to play another role in our every day.

    • lorrie

      I mean that the fictitious character takes on a role outside of the novel, responds to the content of the novel as it deals with his/her life and responds to the real world at the same time as the character sees no difference… what do you think???

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