Wolf  (team green photo)

I am humbled by the modesty and fearlessness of my child.  My children, all of them, have filled me with wonder and awe at various times in their lives, but at this moment, it is my son Wolfgang who is my teacher.

Wolf is a longboarder, a nearly sixteen year-old, but still fifteen speed wonder on wheels.  Not long ago, he came home with his favourite skateboard magazine, as he does each time there is a new issue out.  But this time it was different, this time, we took serious notice.  Not that we don’t look at them.  How can we not, they grace many corners of our house.

There on the fifth page (not including the cover), in full glossy colour glory, was our son skating.  Landyachtz had chosen to introduce him to the world as one of their own, their newest rider.  Sweet.

Nov 09 Concrete Wave Magazine

I think I’ve shown everyone who has walked into the house.  I certainly have posted three times on Facebook, incase anyone missed it the first two times.  Then, I e-mailed directly everyone who might have overlooked anyof the previous postings due to large ‘friend’ lists with more frequent updates than me.

He was surprised and clearly happy with this glossy coverage.  But I am so proud of him, not for just ‘shredding the gnar’ with the best of them, but for having his head so clearly on his shoulders.  I know that this is one of the traits that he has noticed and appreciated about so many of the leading longboarders that grace our mountain roads.  He talks about what great people they are, how they’ll ride with you even if you’re a ‘grom’.  And technically, wolf still is.

Well, done Grom! Nice work.

(please don’t ask where that term comes from… I just know that it means junior rider in this context…)



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5 responses to “Famous?

  1. armie of words

    wow soooo cool.

  2. Congrats Lorrie and son! My kids would agree: sooooo cool!!

  3. Roscoe

    Great post. Congrats to your son

  4. awesome! definitely riding with some of the best riders in the world on that team! congrats.

    grom basically evolved from grem, which was a term in the ’60s for young, inexperienced surfers. Grem was a shortened form of gremmy or gremlin, which, by definition, were low-ranking Royal Air Force officers.

    a bit of history there!

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