Yer keekin sonsie this evening

Have you ever wondered what all the lyrics of Auld Lang Syne really mean, as in direct translation? Or how about a wee and Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie? These are just a few of the Bard of Scotland’s many many songs and poems of the daily lives of common folk from a time long past.

This is the season to bone up on your Scot-English or rather: Thes is th’ time tae bain up oan yer scot-english.

And you may ask why is this? Well, on the 25th of January, it is the annual celebration of the birth of Mr. Robert Burns, and all over the globe folks like us, and perhaps you too will be hosting your Burns Dinner to recall the times and life of dear Robert or: Tae recaa th’ times an’ life ay hen Rabbie.

I love that my mother is a Burns, and by such a close association, that would make me one too for had I not been given my father’s name.  But we all know the lineage back at least two generation, so I allow my imagination to fill in the great gap between our humble home and that of the fine and great writer himself.

And so, in preparation for this weekend of haggis, pipes, and regaling with readings and other assorted entertainment I have been reading up on hen Rabbie. We’ve taken to refering to our own childeren as wee bairns, offering to pour drams of heavy (glass of beer) for our guid mukkers an’ fowk (good friends and family).

I will have more tales to share following our forenicht  o’ toasting ‘n’ celebration.

If you find yourself at a Burns dinner or more casual gathering this weekend and your host comes up to you and says: Ye ur a braw mukker an’ Ah am glad ‘at ye hae bin able tae make it it thes forenicht tae uir ceilidh. Don’t be alarmed, it’s a kind and a good thing. But before hand, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to dig up a scot-english translator and go prepared with a phrase or two of your own.

Canty birthay Rabbie Burns, an’ slainte tae aw fa min’ ye still!

(Happy Birthday Robert Burns, and cheers to all who remember you still)


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