A Family’s Olympics

I really should say My family’s Olympics…

They began with Sushi, a real Vancouver dish, as we waited for the torch relay down 10th Ave last Thursday night.

and then the face paint, flag waving…

and funny faces

then out into the light rain:

We watch the torch go by, but I’m not the best at night photography…


Then for the next two days, I mastered the use of my PVR, (new to channels… but I’ve caught on!)

Above is Finn with torch bearer, and below is Chloe with another torch bearer… (I’ll have to find out who they are!)

That was Thursday… a fun start.

I will be updating this page as I manage a few photos, and squeeze it in with venue visiting and games viewing.  Have to say, it’s been more fun than I ever expected.  People everywhere, and the energy is soaring.  We had such a perfect day yesterday as well… February in Vancouver, any wonder I left Sask??? Yes, I’m a wimp. but heh, you don’t have to shovel rain.;)

more to follow…


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