Sunshine and Olympic Gold

Sorry for being so bold, but I’m Canadian, Eh… I guess we like to win… who knew?

That being said yet again for the record, I thought I’d post a few more of our fun family times:

I was taken with the use of window film as decoration, as signage, and advertizing.  I think some of the graphics for this Olympics are interesting and tres hip, some are not. I LOVE the blue dragonfly/airplane on the banners.

Here are a few notable building murals.  (only wish other buildings could have more to dress up for the party)

While other’s undressed for the celebrations.  I applaud their spunkiness! Where would we be if we didn’t speak up for our values! Way to go no fur folks! (Chloe asked me, “but why don’t they have their clothes on? What does that have to do with fur?” You know there were a lot of people taking their valentine photos, and maybe they’ll think about the message too…)

Finn on the lion, behind the anti-fur activests.

The streets were filled with people, performers, signs and flags.  It reminded me of the energy I’ve experienced when visiting the Montreal Jazz Festival, but without the great music.  Sure there is music here, but it ‘ain’t no jazz festival.’ There is an energy that is contagious, even if you’re not a sports fan, there is just so much to see and do.  We have yet to see the exhibition at the VAG, or at SFU campus at the Great Northern Way. But we will be taking in The Sask Pavilion to see Library Voices, or rather hear Library Voices, a band I have been meaning to see, but have not yet managed to get to… Yeah Karla!!!

Below are some images of Sunday and Monday…

The lights over English Bay are visible from all over the city, but they are particularly cool when viewed from across the water by the Planetarium.   We stayed there for a while, let the kiddies play in the sand, and try our collective hands at night photography.

The next day we took the Chloe and Finn to the various pavilions to check things out with less of a crowd.

The Sask Pavilion (my roots are buried deep within the ol’ prairie wheat fields). was hospitable, as expected, and not over-the-top, also as expected.

Here my kids learned to fish, and I… skated with them on an open air rink.

Chloe with a teleporting fish…

Finn, with a Fish…

My kids have such great smiles… Mine is genuine, but a little malformed… I’m working on that….

And the photos, thanks Sask, making memories that I never had. But the kids are still young enough I might be able to trick them in a year or two…”What do you mean, I never take you anywhere, that you never have any fun…What about that time we went to Saskatchewan and played hockey on a frozen pond or that summer we spent up north fishing and you caught that record-breaking fish!!!  Here, I have the photos to prove it. (okay, maybe they need a bit more touch-up in Photoshop, but nothing I can’t tweak.)


Tonight we are off to see Women’s hockey, Slovakia vs. Swiss. Haven’t decided who to cheer for yet.  Maybe the Swiss, they have a nice flag. (red and white).


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