My oh, so Canadian kids!

Here we are just last night downtown feeling the trill of the last night, the pure pleasure of the success of the games, and of our final win.  The hockey was truly EPIC!

My darling gal was stopped a few times so people could take a photo of her face.  She definitely didn’t mind the attention.  She also had a red cow-bell and a huge flag with her too, as did so many others!

It was a complete drag that the fence was there! But I wanted to show in the photo the way it really was.  This is one of my only complete bafflement of the games.   Odd choice, indeed.  Anyone hear of plexi-fencing?

I was worried that the security would be too opressing, as there has been a tendency around here (BC) for the RCMP to be a bit heavy handed.  But I have to say that it wasn’t bad–and I am not a police fan (just ask my x-husband… he’s one).

From the torch relay, to the building of inukshuks in False Creek, to hockey and curling, and lots of television coverage, my young Olympic fans, helped to keep our enthusiasm bubbling over.



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2 responses to “My oh, so Canadian kids!

  1. As a fellow Canadian, I couldn’t be prouder of how we did in the Olympics. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. lorrie

    Ya, we’re pretty happy about it too. Thanks for reading. Now… for how to convince the masses that we should be the place to host a summer games as well!
    following is a glimse at a hypothetical future games

    see article:

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