Maryhill Freeride

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend 8 hours driving in my car to the southern most boarder of Washington State to a place where my son could skate on his dream road–legendary Maryhill.  This weekend was a ‘free-ride’ , not that there weren’t entrance fees–there were, but riders could ride the road as many times as the U-haul could shuttle them back up to the top.  There was no race, no prize.  The whole weekend was about getting together with other riders and trying things out, whether that was doing an entire run ‘switch’ (opposite of your regular foot forward), all stand-up, or butt-board, or another rider”s board.

This was my son’s first time at Maryhill; mine too–though I stayed ensconced behind the hay, where I was safe.

More to follow!!!

The link here will take you to set A of my fickr Maryhill photos.

think high-speed competitive YOGA! for five miles.

Maryhill landscape:



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2 responses to “Maryhill Freeride

  1. Thanks for volunteering and taking a lot of photos! That weekend was tons of fun, I hope to meet you at an event soon!

    • lorrie

      Volunteering… sort of, keeping the hay company along the quiet stretch, but it was fun, even for a spectator like me. We’ll be a few more events this spring… Danger bay, Gold Rush, for sure, and likely Maryhill again.
      cheers! happy riding.

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