Flash Fiction: A Story in Under 110 Words

It all started with a single line while waiting on a tiny ferry last summer.  This is my shortest story ever.  I’d love to read yours! Add your story in comment  box below, if you dare… bruhahah.
Obliteration and other acts of love and spite
He looked at her with the eyes of a dog—a dog about to be put down, not out of illness or to relieve his suffering, but for committing some unforgivable act.

The rain beat down on the windshield.  She turned the key to roll up the window and snap the wipers back on.  Through the rear-view mirror, she saw him standing there in the pissing rain.  He’d find his own way home; he always did, she thought.

She drove away a little further, when like a possessed bitch, she slammed into reverse, and howled into the night—obliterating any other sound.

The car suffered little damage.

word count 110 😉


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Filed under satire, short story, writing, writing exercises

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