I am the Mother of an Adult… Happy Birthday Son

Did I ever think about this day, eighteen years ago…. most certainly not.  I saw his tiny toes that were the much more elegant version of my own–his pools of ebony blinking up at me as he took in his new world, his rosebud lips that pursed as he suckled in his sleep.  He was a happy baby, an easy baby, a baby that made me want more.

Eighteen years later, I am the mother of a six year old son, a nine year old daughter, a sixteen year old son and an adult– a legal adult.  He can vote, get a job, leave home, get married, be tried in adult court, make me a grandmother, and and and, I could go on, but I may have heart failure if I do.

I can no longer carry him on my back, nor send him to his room.  His time-outs are of his own choosing.  He will always be my boy, my son, my baby, but he is also so very much his own man. There I said it.  Man.  How can I be the mother of a man? How did this happen?

Akask (15 years old) Mystic Beach

Wolf, Finn and Akask at Mystic Beach

Akask and Dad 2007

Okay a moment of serious joking.  It was funny, but perhaps you had to be there….

Akask in the Hayloft at Grandparents former farm near Moose Jaw

In and under the hayloft…. a place I remembered from my early childhood, a place that seemed like a dream, and now returns to that state.

Homemade sail and raft in 2004.

Akask at Pearl Harbour

Akask skateboarding in Hawaii

Akask skateboarding?

Akask in Spring 2010

The biggest brother, my eldest son!

Akask and Youngest Cousin Sydney 2010

This wasn’t intended as a full photo retrospective, and given his age, most of my photos of his early years are in print in physical photo albums.   It is easy and hard to see your child become an adult. It is a process that is impossible to slow or halt–it is a journey not a race I try to tell them.  But like so many things, I am not sure how much they hear… Ah, love them all.


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