Love Lyon!!!

Not that Paris wasn’t great; it was.  And yet Lyon is not a second sibling to the grande Paris, it is a being of its own creation, from its Gaulish history, the Roman ruins, to the silk weaver’s traboules that wind their way throughout the old city.

Roman Ruins in Lyon, France

Amphitheatre in Lyon

The Romans took down homes and shops to construct the passage ways for their amphitheatre.  Here are the foundations of these homes.

Roman Ruins, France


To be honest, I’d never heard of a traboule, yet here we were searching for them throughout Vieux Lyon.  Sometimes you have to ring the intercom to buzz the door open (they are set to open automatically during the day hours).  The residents of buildings that have a traboule, which is a passage or short-cut, sometimes involving stairs, from one street through to the next.  They were heavily used by those in the silk industry in the 19th century in order to make their way through town when the weather was poor.

It isn’t that hard to find them, though many are  unmarked, as the tourist maps provide you the addresses and descriptions of the traboules.  I felt like a kid on a scavenger hunt deeking through peoples’ yards… fun.

Here are a few of the more than 300 in the city!



Traboule, Lyon

Lyon is my list of places to return to!! More to follow.



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