ROOM 33.3 is out!

Cadwallader Creek

Lorrie Miller,

I am thrilled with the release of ROOM magazine’s latest issue.  Issue 33.3, edited by Janet Nicol, is historically themed and subtitled: Past and Present.  My copy came in the mail last week, yet I haven’t seen it on the shelves of the magazine shops and book stores.  Soon, I am told; they will be there soon. The link on the title above, will take you directly to the story as a sample from the issue!

So I thought I’d read through some of the issue before blogging about it, though I have to admit I wanted to blog right away.

Two very cool things I noted about this issue is that the featured author is Pearl Luke, author of Madame Zee, and mentor extraordinaire! When I first started writing (post PhD and post fourth/last baby) I met Pearl through UBC’s on-line writing program, Booming Ground.  She offered me fantastic critique, writing guidance and encouragement. A big public thanks to Pearl! I kept at it and keep at it!

Second very cool thing about this issue is that poet Bronwen McRae and I attended Moose Jaw’s Central Collegiate together.  Her father, poet extraordinaire (my word of the day), Robert Currie, was also my high school English Teacher!  (And a very fine English teacher, I should add.)

It was enough of a thrill to have my short story and first chapter of my novel-in-progress, Cadwallader Creek, gracing the pages of ROOM, but even much more so when I’m in the company of these two women among the other fine writers.

I hope my mom gets her copy in the mail soon as I heard a rumour that Moose Jaw no longer has a book store. I hope that isn’t true.

Buy Room Now: You can order it directly from Room’s subscriptions page. Now that issue 33.4 is out on the newsstands, you will have to order from the back issues section at the bottom of the subscription page. Just write in ISSUE 33.3. and you will get this lovely magazine delivered to you home!


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