Things that Inspire

Inspiration can really come from anywhere,

so long as it is something that is noticeable, something that you can fixate on.lavender

It matters not that it is beautiful, nor particularly awful. This has been my case, this week. Now I am not saying that what I have created is at all a work of literature, it’s not. I am not saying that I am a poet. For certain, that I am not.

But I was inspired, to explore colour, the inherent meanings of colour, the complementary nature of colours in the spectrum.

And so …  To a knee … following reconstruction.


Purple and yellow find their homes along the arc of a rainbow in an ozone-scented sky.

Secondary Purple: forever between depression and blood.

Primary Yellow: the base of both grass and orange groves.

Amethyst, mauve, lilac and wine.

A spring violet, with shades of purple on her velvety petals with a spark of sunshine in her eye.

Oh, so Complementary.

Plumb: a fruity hue trimmed with a golden glow.


(If it weren’t on flesh.)

Backed by the angry shade of a storm cloud, the kind that conceals lightning,

A bolt of pain within sagging folds of forgetful tissue,

where strands of hamstring masquerade as ligament.

A jaundice field spreads across a shin, reveals a slow healing.

Oh, so Complementary.


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