February 20, Women’s Hockey

The past week has been a foggy blur of sunshine, red and white colours and fantastic graphics.  There is just so much to reflect on, report on, that it is somewhat boggling.

I will post a few photos to begin with and then put my thoughts in order as I have the time to sort it all out.

The first Olympic sporting event that we took in was Women’s hockey at Thunderbird Stadium: Swiss vs. Slovakia.  The first two periods were slow and tied up until the beginning of the third period, when the Swiss became possessed and played a fantastic final period.  The crowd roared, waved flags, cheered, did the wave, spilled beer, all the good fun that folks do at hockey games.  Apparently.

Though I grew up a half block away from an open-air rink (that means it was cold enough for the ground to stay frozen with the effects of the climate alone), I never became a hockey fan.  Hockey was something that the boys did, boys with sticks, mean boys with sticks and pucks that they slapped against the boards to scare off us recreational skater, figure-skater-wannabes.  It worked.  I’d hang out in the skate shack until their practices were over and we, the general public, mostly girl public, were allowed back on the ice.  By then, my mitts would have thawed and my toes would have regained some movement in my old weak-ankled skates.

So, this week when I watched the Swiss and Slovakian women I was awe-struck.  It was a cool game, a skilled game.  I enjoyed it.  I was surprised, very surprised with how words like, ‘SHOOT!’,  and ‘Goooo!’ would roll off my tongue along with a wild shriek of ‘YESSS!’ when the puck found its way in that tiny net so fiercely guarded by a quick and large goalie.  It was like I’d been to more than one hockey game in my life, but I had not, not ice-hockey at least.  I have seen a dozens, possibly hundreds of field hockey games and soccer matches, so it is possible that my learned enthusiasm may have come from these somewhat similar sports.

We picked the Swiss because they had great colours: Red and white– silly I know, but it was the only way we could choose as we have no particular affinity for either team.  It was still a thrill when they won!

The jumbotron baby! Yes, those are my kids up on the big screen, just for more fun!

It started out as Chloe waving a flag that she made, but Finn saw this and well… his natural inclination to take over, took over.

The game ended 2:5 for the Swiss.  A good and well played game. I’m sold… But I won’t be signing my kids up anytime soon.  The ice times are just insane, sorry, my patriotism only goes so far.  At least I’ve taken them to a game;)


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