How I loved watching curling; how the kids want to curl too!

Who knew that an experience of skipping a morning of school to take in an olympic curling match would result in my promising to take the kids all curling after the olympics are over.  The rink we went to will remain a public facility following the games.  More yoga stretches will be necessary if I’m to make a graceful glide down any sheet of ice.

When a sport begins with a procession of pipers if full regalia, you have to know you are in for a treat!

Impressive lunges, perfect rocks and a close match down to the tenth end kept me on the edge of my seat.  An interest that surprised me, but it is definitely not watching paint dry, far more fun than that.

When Norway played China, I swore that they were way over their heads.  They threw an unimpressive match.  Only after when they were challenging Canada later in the evening did I learn that Norway are the defending champs.  That evening they were a force to behold, but in the 11th end, Canada won with the final rock! Whoohoo! I shouted out loud at the television screen, an act that I will now admit to, but just.

Proof. He had fun. Then he asked, “Mom, what will we do when the Olympics are gone?”

I guess it will be whatever we did before, but that wasn’t the answer that he was seeking.  I’m still trying to find out what exactly he’s hoping for.


2 responses to “How I loved watching curling; how the kids want to curl too!

  1. I have shocked myself and started to get engaged in curling through viewing the olympics in Vancover. At the beginning it looked like a leaner version of bowling but now I discover it has all the calclating of chess. At the present moment I am absorbing as much as I am able on the sport from the Internet. Then next stop will be ascertaining someplace to have a practice like the local ice rink.

  2. lorrie

    I love the calculation of it too. Good luck with your curling aspirations!

    I lucklily get to take my family to the rink where we saw the games, after the games of course. The rink shown in the photos will become a hockey, standard ice rink with ample seating, while the curling rink will be where the current athelete’s lounge is. If we hadn’t had gone, I’d never have considered it as an activity. It will be interesting to see how the sport grows here after the games???
    thanks for commenting.
    cheers from Vancouver

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