She shoots, she scores! He shoots, he scores! Does it get any better?

Hockey, Hockey and more Hockey.  I don’t think I’ve watched so much ice hockey in all my life, and I specify ice hockey, because in my house hockey is something played on the grass, all year long with a short stick and a ball.  My husband is a rather good player and the kids all play to one degree or another (eldest has two provincial youth golds, one silver and one bronze… which his dad coached his team to.)

But with hubby out of town, I thought I’d take the little one’s out for dinner, to get a taste of the excitement:

We found a table, surprisingly, at Dentry’s Grill (yes it is a restaurant too) on W. 10th ave.  Inside it was a sea of red jerseys, pints and pitchers of amber ale, and plates of burgers and nachos.  The kids were thrilled.  (I even let them have a pop, and ice cream for dessert. )  I took the above photo on my phone and emailed it right there and then to my husband, “guess where I took the kids for dinner!”  When I showed my in-laws, they said, “A pub? You took the kids to a pub?” Well, in the G.B. kind of restaurant way, I suppose, but it is really more of a restaurant that has lots of sports on many TVs and keeps a great supply of beverages on tap–so not technically a pub.

We arrived with just two minutes to go in the Russia vs. Canada mens hockey game.  The tension was high; voices were higher.  Then the count down, and everyone rose from their seats as they watched on one of the four televisions.  Hands slammed down in rhythm as the clock went from ten to one, and then the horn blew.  Team Canada won; they made it to the next round, next would be Slovakia in the semi-final.  High fives all around.  My kids were so into it; so was I.  We chatted and cheered with fans at the tables around then the whole restaurant burst into a boisterous rendition of O’Canada.  It was incredible.  Everyone knew all the words, and no one was ‘lipping’ the words, like we’ve been raised to do, in school and other polite public gatherings.

I was so moved by the whole scene that I had a tought time getting the words out over the patriotic lump in my throat!  I was glad to not just sit at home and watch the game in my quiet politeness.

She shoots, she scores.  We watched this game at home when Team Canada’ Women took the gold from their ice rivals, the USA women’s team.  Marie-Philip Poulin scored our two lone goals to their 2-0 victory.  Loud cheers, damp cheeks and lots of arms pumping in the air, slapping the tables.  The women had done it again.  No small feat given the competition that the Americans give them.

A week later came the men’s final; this time we plunked down on the sofa in our own personal media lounge in the sanctity of my home, and watched white knuckled through three thrilling periods, and then the last 24 seconds!!! We all know what happened; Team USA tied it up and it went into overtime:  sudden death.

I have to admit that I thought it was all over, that Team USA had taken the mo, and we were heading for silver.  But the fates did not have it that way.  Oh, no.  Our darling Sidney Crosby took Team Canada to the top.  And we, all across the land, and beyond roared in cheers. This game will go down in history as one of those games, like the year we beat Russia (1972– I was in grade one!) The tv was a portable black and white with two channels.  And yesterday, we all witnessed history. I couldn’t help but to snap these photos — at home.  The tickets were just too rich to for me, my plush seating at home had to do.

I have to say that these games went well beyond my hopes or expectations.  Thank you world.  You were great guests.  Thank you all the Olympian athletes, from all the countries.

So, is anyone up for hosting the summer games??? Say in another 10 or 14 years?  I know I would be.

Notes: I would like to personalize the story more with some of our current riders, but need some feedback as to who would fit in where, or I could leave it generic ‘riders’, or have more fun with it, Katie said… and so on, Also, if we had some fun photo-shop photos for authenticity, that would be fun???\

Any ideas to finish it off? Love to hear it.




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