Camping clothing list per person

Seven days: Perhaps I’m obsessive, or merely organized, you decide…

I have drafted  a list of what the minimum requirements and the maximum load we will need for our adventure:  this list is  per person.

Socks (3 pair, one pair is synthetic), undies (5), shorts (2), swim wear, long pants- 1pair of fleece or synth (no jeans), sleep wear (1), raincoat, toque, sun hat, fleece shirt or jacket, Crocs, runners/ or boots.

That’s the list.  From that list we will each choose to wear one outfit as travel clothes.

Additional personal items include:

games (cards, dice, cribbage, bananagrams) , writing material, and one novel or book each, camera, 2 charged cellular phones, wallets with sufficient cash to pay for our boat travel.

first aid: bandages(assorted), iodine, afterbite, antihistamine (for adults and kids), tylenol, thermometre, and other basics from our home kit, sunblock, aloevera cream.

*then we have the camping gear… that’s another list all together– now to go set that up too.


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