Paris, France 2010 photos

While walking along La Seine, we noticed the details on all the built structures including the bridges.  here is one shot and a detail following it.

carvings under the bridge in paris
detail of the carvings under the bridge over the Seine.
Wolf and Le Arc De Triomphe

La Grande Palais, Paris

Notre Dame and Wolf.

Notre Dame and Wolf Coleman

Notre Dame door details

Notre Dame door detais

Door Details

Notre-Dame Door Detail 1and one more detail.

Notre-Dame Details at the door

And a few shots from within the Catecombs

Stairs in the Catacombs in Paris

Paris Catacombs were an intense and unusual location…  We are all the same, mortal … finite it would seem.

Human Bones in Catacombs of ParisDetail of stack:  There were over six million sets of bones organized and stacked throughout the tunnels of an old quarry.

Skull in the Catacombs of ParisCatacombs sign in Paris


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