Boating – all aboard :-)

We have taken up a new family activity … and planning for it it be a lifelong one. I grew up where the sea was a field of wheat, winds were unforgiving and relentless, and being outside was only moderately pleasant once the snow melted and the temperature momentarily plateaued between it’s summer and winter extremes in the 40s. Twenty degree’s anything was either pleasant or tolerable, but the thirties were never nice, and the forties were just crazy. So Twenty years ago I left prairie life for one near the Pacific.

I long admired the sailboats racing around English Bay, but only recently did we, as a family, consider joining the maritime ranks. This page is intended to be mostly a visual one, with commentary. In no way am I offering sailing advice … other than ask your marine mechanic lots of questions (as  I did here ) and join user groups pertaining to your particular vessel.  And sail as much as you can … .




And now 8 years later – we have left Sandpiper for Raven … our 9m Cooper Prowler. The photos below are from September long weekend 2017. Gorgeous – warm … but sadly the end of summer.





IMG_2210 2.JPGIMG_6484.JPG




Some of the above was from our summer smoky trip into Desolation Sound. – A memorable trip with the kiddies and pooch.


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